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We've had our FKM Crumb under an Electron Microscope! some great pics:
11:16am Jan 27


FKM's are a type of fluoroelastomer, which are a class of rubber. Originally developed by DuPont, under the trade name Viton, FKM's offer increased heat and chemically stability.

Due to the remarkable properties of FKM's and the process used to make the virgin polymer, FKM compounding is a very expensive process.

We've become increasingly aware of the rubber industries need to reduce the cost of FKM compounding and so dedicated an incredible amount of time to becoming probably the best FKM recyclers in the world. Our FKM crumb is so good, many of the top FKM compounders reprocess our FKM crumb back into their compounds. Using our FKM crumb saves companies thousands on costs.

More information on FKM recycling can be found here.

As well as FKM recycling we have been able to source FKM a variety of curatives/accelerators/process aids that are compatible and cost effective.