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We've had our FKM Crumb under an Electron Microscope! some great pics:
11:16am Jan 27

FKM Additives

  Description Compatible RubberAppearanceParticle SizeSpecific Gravity Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
Intercure« 1 Hexamethylene- diamine carbamate(100%). Curative for elastomers. FKM / ACM / AEM(EAM) / ECOFine white powder100% < 20μm1.28▒0.02
Intercure« 3 N,N'-dicinnamylidene - 1,6 hexadiamine (100%). Curative for elastomers. FKM / ACM / AEM(EAM) / ECOFine tan powder100% < 20μm1.09▒0.02
Intercure« 4 4,4'-methylene-bis (cyclohexylamine)carbamate (100%). Curative for FKM rubber. FKMFine white powder100% < 20μm1.23▒0.02
Summit-L-80 (Lead oxide masterbatch) Lead(II) Oxide (80%), Fluorocarbon elastomer (20%). Curative for FKM. FKMYellow to reddish solid.N.A.9.53
Carnauba Wax T3/L Powder Tye 3 carnauba wax powder Pale yellow, waxy solid, powder.95% < 100μmN.A.