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We've had our FKM Crumb under an Electron Microscope! some great pics:
11:16am Jan 27

FKM Crumb

We can supply a recycling service for FKM where we recycle your vulcanised FKM scrap and give it back to you in crumb form. We can guarantee that your FKM crumb will not be contaminated with other rubbers. Allowing you to know exactly what you are putting back into your compound.

If you produce little vulcanised scrap FKM we can still supply you with our own FKM crumb.

  Description Particle Size Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
FKM Crumb Your own FKM waste converted into reusable FKM crumb or our own FKM crumb. 120's mesh, 72's mesh, 40's mesh
FKM Crumb Guide Under Technical Data sheet - 3 Page FKM Crumb Pamphlet. Under Safety Data Sheet - FKM Crumb Technical Brochure