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We've had our FKM Crumb under an Electron Microscope! some great pics:
11:16am Jan 27

DC 20 Release Agent

DC 20 is a Dow Corning product that J Allcock & Sons are pleased to distribute. DC 20 is a release agent for plastics, adhesives, wood forming, metal making and elastomeric polymers. DC 20 is able to provide a durable parting film (after curing) for molds when conventional mold release agents are unable to provide enough slippage.

DC 20 is Polydimethylsiloxane and a high molecular weight silicone resin in solvent. DC 20 does not discolor molded products and a single application is able to last multiple molding cycles.

  Description Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
DC 20 Mold Release Agent A Silicone-based Cured Mold Release Film