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We've had our FKM Crumb under an Electron Microscope! some great pics:
11:16am Jan 27

Wellington Rubber Company Ltd., Established in 1936

History of Wellington Rubber Company Ltd.

Wellington Rubber Company (WRC) was founded by Mr Henry Lawrence (Laurie) Birkett in 1936. The original business was the collection of used tyre casings that he sold to retreaders. In 1939 this business was seen as vital to the war effort and Wellington Rubber Company blossomed.

By the early 60's the market was changing so WRC decided to concentrate on waste rubber. This was mainly in the form of Buffings. (Buffings are generated when truck tyres are retreaded. The old tread is buffed off hence the term buffings). These buffings are then processed by sieving them into various fractions or are sold to other processors.

In 1999 Mr David Birkett (son of Laurie) was considering his own retirement and Wellington Rubber Company was sold to J. Allcock & Sons and relocated from Leeds to Manchester.

Today WRC has 3 main parts to its business. The first is the trading and processing of buffings from Tyre Retreaders. Second is the collection of Butyl Inner tubes. The third and final part is the supply of Rubber Granules. These granules are mainly Black EPDM Granules used as the top part of a safety surface of children's playgrounds or as the in-fill for synthetic pitches.

WRC are always interested in new sources of Buffings, Butyl tubes and granules of all types.