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1:00am Jan 01

Rubber Reclaim

Rubber reclaim, more usually called Reclaimed Rubber, or just Reclaim refers to waste or scrap vulcanised (cured) that has been rendered fit for re-use by a complicated thermo – chemical process.

How is Reclaim produced?

The waste rubber is granulated quite small to release and facilitate the removal of any metal and fabric that may be present.It is then subject to a combination of heat, pressure and chemical softening / plasticising  agents  for a period of time in a large retort. After discharge, the treated waste is refined to remove any nibs or hard bits of unprocessed material.  This is done by extruder sieving and/or a refining mill. The material passes repeatedly through the mill and the coarse "bits" are pushed out to the sides of the mill nip (the wider part, due to the camber) and fall out into catchment trays at each side.  The good, refined material is taken off the mill as a paper thin sheet and wound up on itself to make thick slab.  The material from the sides can be used to make lower grade, coarser "tailings" reclaim.


  • Soft
  • Pliable
  • Easy to process
  • Will act as a process aid in new compounds
  • "Shape retaining" due to the new 3D structure
  • Capable of being re-vulcanised

Why should you use it?

  • Cost advantages
  • Improved processability

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