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1:00am Jan 01


Chemically, Talcs are a mixed mineral, containing, SiO2 (approx. 60%) and MgO(approx31%). these Talcs are also commonly called, magnesium silicates Talcs are used as, cheap, compatible fillers in the silicone rubber compounding.

  Description Bulk DensityParticle Size Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
Finntalc M30 White powder with a flat plate particle shape. Shape allows self-lubricating properties, which makes it a good ant-tack agent. 0.5 g/cm3<36´┐Żm - 98%
Magsil 2628A A high purity talc with excellent anti-tac properties 0.6 g/cm3<45´┐Żm - 99.9%