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1:00am Jan 01

FKM Crumb

For over 15 years we at J. Allcock & Sons have been recycling Fluoroelastomers (FKMs). For many years we have recycled the more traditional polymers so we decided to see if we could handle some of the more specialist grades. The results have been successful. We have had to make modifications to our system but now we can handle virtually any polymer.

Our system is an ambient grinding system. With ambient grinding you maximise the surface area of each particle thus allowing greater additions back into compounds. We have customers who use our crumb back in O-Ring formulations at 25% and even up to 50% can be used. We make 3 standard grades 40's mesh, 72's mesh and 120's mesh. We apply stringent quality measures to all our products. We have also successfully converted Perfluoroelastomer (FFKM).

We can either supply you with FKM crumb made from your own production thus helping your "Green Credentials" , or we can supply ready made crumbs that are all based on O-Ring production. If anybody has FKM waste that you do not want to convert we would be happy to discuss buying this from you

  Description Particle Size Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
FKM Crumb Your own FKM waste converted into reusable FKM crumb or our own FKM crumb. 40's, 72's and 120's mesh.
FKM Crumb Guide Under Technical Data sheet - 3 Page FKM Crumb Pamphlet. Under Safety Data Sheet - FKM Crumb Technical Brochure