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1:00am Jan 01

Rubber Crumb

Rubber Crumb is used in the rubber compounding industry.


  • A relatively inert material of known and controlled particle size (no oversize – no dust)
  • A material that is compatible with the type of rubber compound it is going into
  • A material with a jagged, partially activated, very high surface area that will chemically bond into the rubber article when it is cured (vulcanised).
  • A material that is very cost effective, environmentally sound and technically viable

Why should you use it?

  • Cost advantages
  • In small additions (5 to 10 phr): It can reduce air trapping. It can reduce "laking" on the surface of "flat" mouldings. It can improve hot tear strength. It can reduce flow, or excessive "creep" in the uncured rubber .
  • In larger additions (above 10 phr): Physical properties will fall in relation to the amount of crumb added. If there are no physical requirements – cheap ladder feet, wheel barrow tyres, sleeping policemen etc, over 50% of the total weight can easily be added. As a cheap filler it is a low S.G., readily compatible blend of hydrocarbons and mineral material. In very high additions it may be necessary to increase the amount of sulphur / accelerators slightly


Although below is a table of our current crumbs, please feel free to call us if you cannot find the rubber or crumb size you would want/need. It is likely that we will either be able to do it or point you in the right direction of some who does.

  Description CompanyParticle Size Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
Custom Customers' own vulcanised waste, ground to their specific requirements. JAAs required.
NBR (Nitrile) Vulcanised NBR rubber recycled into reusable NBR rubber crumb. JA26's, 30's, 40's mesh.
Mechanical Crumb from a variety of scrap rubbers. JAAs required.
TT (Tyre Tread) Vulcanised TT (Tyre Tread) rubber recycled into reusable TT (Tyre Tread) rubber crumb. WRC12's, 30's, 40's, GT 205, 50's, 60's
Footwear Vulcanised Footwear rubber recycled into reusable Footwear rubber crumb. Currently we have no footwear scrap available, due to little footwear industry being in the UK. JA26's or 40's mesh Resin, 24's or 30's mesh Slipper Skin
FKM Vulcanised FKM rubber recycled into reusable FKM rubber crumb. JA40's, 72's, 120's mesh.
EPDM Vulcanised EPDM rubber recycled into reusable EPDM rubber crumb. JA30's, 40's mesh.
SBR Vulcanised SBR rubber recycled into reusable SBR rubber crumb. JA30's, 40's mesh.