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1:00am Jan 01


Our range of iron oxide pigments are supplied, not only to the rubber industry, but to a wide range of industries needing colour. The pigments are inexpensive, durable and the range includes, yellow, red, brown and black colours.

  Description Iron oxide content, %pH Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
Yellow 125 Yellow iron oxide pigment 814.5-7
Yellow 130 Yellow iron oxide pigment 30-366-9
Red RB3800 Red iron oxide pigment. 964
Red 410 Mid shade red iron oxide pigment. 93-964-7.5
Red 420 Blue shade red iron oxide pigment. 94-993.5-6
Red 490 Blue shade red iron oxide pigment. 98.5-99.56-9
Brown 895 Dark brown iron oxide pigment. 95-994-8
Black 910 Black iron oxide pigment. 88-936.5-8