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1:00am Jan 01

Rubber Granules

Primary use:

Granules are used in playground/safety surfaces. In these surfaces there are two layers; a base and a top.

Base layer:

90% of all base layers are formed from TT (Tyre Tread) granules but a mixture of rubber is suitable.

Top layer:

Top layer is made from EPDM granules as EPDM has outstanding heat, ozone and weather resistance.


We also produce TT (Tyre Tread) Shred/Buffings, which are much larger strips of tyre tread rubber. These are also used in playground surface or horse arenas etc.

Although below is a table of our current granules, please feel free to call us if you cannot find the rubber or granule size you would want/need. It is likely that we will either be able to do it or point you in the right direction of some who does.

  Description CompanyParticle Size Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
Custom Customers' own vulcanised waste, granulated to their specific requirements. JA/WRC1mm to 30mm
TT (Tyre Tread) Vulcanised Tyre Tread Rubber recycled into reusable granules. JA1mm to 30mm
NBR (Nitrile) Vulcanised NBR (Nitrile) Rubber granules. JA1mm to 10mm
EPDM Vulcanised EPDM Rubber Granules. JA1mm to 10mm
Mechanical Black Mechanical granules from a variety of scrap rubbers. When available. JA1mm upwards.
SBR Vulcanised SBR granules. JA1mm to 30mm
Cork Cork JA
TT (Tyre Tread) Shred/Buffings Vulcanised Tyre Tread Rubber recycled into reusable shred. WRCLarge variation ,up to 80mm in length.