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We've had our FKM Crumb under an Electron Microscope! some great pics:
11:16am Jan 27

Curatives & Accelerators

Curatives and Accelerators are crucial for the compounding of elastomers. Curatives are the cross-linking agents used to connect each separate virgin polymer. Accelerators increase the rate of cross-linking and therefore decreasing both production time and cost.

J. Allcock & Sons are the UK distributor for the Intercure® range, manufactured by Interbusiness S.R.L.

  Description Compatible RubberAppearanceParticle SizeSpecific Gravity Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
Intercure´┐Ż 1 Hexamethylenediamine carbamate (HMDC) FKM / ACM / AEM(EAM) / ECOFine white powder100% < 20╬╝m1.28´┐Ż0.02
Intercure´┐Ż 2 Tetraphenylphosphnium bromide (TPPB) FKMWhite powder100% < 35╬╝m1.34 g/ml
Intercure´┐Ż 3 N,N'-dicinnamylidene - 1,6 hexadiamine (100%). Curative for elastomers. FKM / ACM / AEM(EAM) / ECOFine tan powder100% < 20╬╝m1.09´┐Ż0.02
Intercure´┐Ż 4 4,4'-methylene-bis (cyclohexylamine)carbamate (100%). Curative for FKM rubber. FKMFine white powder100% < 20╬╝m1.23´┐Ż0.02
Intercure´┐Ż 18 Octadecyltri- methylammonium bromide ACM / AEMWhite crystalline powder100% < 60╬╝m1.12´┐Ż0.01
Curative No. 7 (70%) riallylisocyanurate (70%), Silicon Dioxide (30%). Curative for polyofelin elastomers. Polyofelins (PE / PP / CPE / EVA / EPDM / Fluoro polymers etc.)Fine grey powdermin 99% < 40╬╝m0.4-0.6
Curative No. 7 (100%) Triallylisocyanurate (100%) Polyofelins (PE / PP / CPE / EVA / EPDM / Fluoro polymers etc.)Colourless liquidN.A.1.15