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1:00am Jan 01


Silicone fluids, also commonly known as silicone oils, are polydimethysiloxane polymers.

We at J Allcock & Sons Ltd have created an easy to use and store Silicone Oil Aerosol. Now the lubrication needed can be applied without the need for an in-built spraying system 


  • Release agent: Allcosil fluid provides a non-toxic, non-carbonising mould release for rubber, plastics and metal die-castings.
  • Lubricant: Allcosil fluid provides excellent lubricating properties for most plastic and elastomeric surfaces.
  Description Specific Gravity, @ 25´┐ŻCViscosity, cStFlashpoint, ´┐ŻC COC Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
Allcosil MX Aerosolized silicone spray based on a medium viscosity silicone oil 0.99Not available.-39