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1:00am Jan 01

De-link R

DE-LINK R is a chemical for the devulcanisation of sulphur-cured rubbers. The process is carried out either on a two-roll mill or on an internal mixer at low temperature. The devulcing reaction occurs in a solid state and so, to be most effective, the cured rubber needs to be in the form of crumb to maximise available surface area.

The devulced product can be re-cured by the application of heat without any additional curatives needing to be added, either at full concentration or at reduced concentration, back into other compounds with relative reductions in curatives required.

The physical properties of the re-cured material are similar to the original properties and, in some cases, slightly improved. The use of devulced material in a compound will have little effect on physical characteristics at relatively high concentrations.

Other advantages are that, whilst reducing the curative requirement, this is also a useful way of disposing of generated waste, so saving on disposal costs and recouping the costs of the original compound as well.

The active ingredient is available in solid masterbatch form and in a variety of polymer bases, which ensures compatibility with the polymer to be devulced. The active ingredient is the same for all sulphur-cured rubbers.

The process is inappropriate for use on peroxide or other non-sulphur systems, and works less effectively on E.V. curing systems.

Several methods of utilising this adaptable process, including devulcing and compounding in a single stage are available, and more detailed information and guidance is also available.

DE-LINK R can also be used recover 'nervy' compounds and recovery of the cured parts of semi-scorched compounds is also possible. 17

DE-LINK R is available in 25 kilo bales.

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De-link R