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1:00am Jan 01


Chemically this is Barium Sulphate and can be obtained in a wide range of purities. Currently we only supply one grade, Barytes Supreme.

Barytes Supreme has a white colour. It is chemically quite inert and is used in acid resistant rubbers (tank and pipe linings etc). It is also impervious to x-rays and can be used in medical applications, including ( in a very pure BP form) as the main ingredient in barium meals. It can also absorb infra red waves and so has military applications (including radar absorption). Because of its high SG it can be used in applications where product weight needs to be high as possible for a given volume. It will also produce very "dead" feeling mouldings etc. 

  Description Specific GravityParticle SizeBarium Sulphate Content Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
Barytes Supreme A high purity natural barium sulphate which may contain trace quantities of clacium carbonate and/or silica. 4.4< 53´┐Żm - 99.99%95% min