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1:00am Jan 01


Our butyl reclaim is made from butyl inner tubes or butyl bladders, together with reclaiming aids.

All our rubber reclaim are PBN free and PAH conformant.

  Description RHC Content, %Tensile strength, Kg / cm^2Elongation at Break, %Mooney Viscosity, ML (1+4) @100´┐ŻC Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
GRP BRI 75R (BT.999) Super refined, reclaimed butyl rubber, made from butyl inner tubes. 50 min75 min480 min35-55
GRP BRI 30R (BTA.777) Reclaimed butyl rubber, made from butyl bladders. 45 min30 min350 min30-60
GRP BRC 55R Butyl Reclaim (BT.500) Reclaimed Chloro-Butyl rubber made from Chloro-Butyl Tubes 50 min50 min300 min42 ´┐Ż 13