Covid Capers

Hi Everyone

Sorry about the title. Wasn’t trying to be funny or demeaning, but couldn’t think of a better title. It’s the most serious thing most people will be able to remember, or cope with.

What will it be like afterwards?¬† We probably don’t want to think about that yet – - let’s get through it first.

If anyone is interested at the moment I am still around but working from home. If anyone else is in the same boat …………… difficult to keep the concentration going isn’t it. If you want to get in touch my e-mail is or if you ring the office they will be happy to give you my mobile number. Allcocks are still open and the offices are manned as normal – ish

Let’s hope it passes safely for as many of everyone as it can.

Keep smiling



Hi Everyone

We have a special blog today …………………………

One of our staff members, Sally, has been with the company for 40 years as of today.

We all want to thank her for the help she has given to everyone and the dedication to her duties she has shown over this period.

Wonderful,  All our Best Wishes and thanks !

Customer Testimonials.

From Norman C. to all our friends out there.

It’s always good to blow your own trumpet now and again. It makes you feel good.

Well at least it me feel good. We have received some testimonials from customers and we thought it would be a good idea to share them. We always say that we are good at what we do, but it’s nice when other people say so.

a)¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†Having worked with Wellington Rubber for many years we have found their “Shred” to be a consistent, high quality product that is well presented. As a supplier they have always responded quickly, their “on time” delivery is good and the overall level of service is excellent.

b)          From John B.

It has been our great pleasure to have been able to conduct business with J. Allcock & Sons Ltd and Wellington Rubber Company Ltd for over 10 years. In that time, we have always found them to be a most reliable supplier, always willing to oblige where ever possible.

The information given is as expected from a quality supplier, attentive and willing to help, providing feedback and plausible reasons when the odd problem arises.¬† ¬† ¬†A successful partnership in business is highly reliant on the people within the organisation, it needs to meet each other’s expectations, the management team at Allcocks and Wellington Rubber excel in this field and therefore I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending their services and products.

c)          Tiflex Limited has a long association with J. Allcock & Sons. We have formed a great partnership with the Allcock team providing bespoke regrind materials to Tiflex specifications.

Orders are processed on time and to our delivery requirements and the prices remain competitive.     Business is conducted on a professional basis, delivered in a friendly manner and we anticipate many more years of a successful business partnership.

Well, there we are. I will pass more on as they come around.

Cheers everybody.

Mr. David Birkett. R.I.P.

It is with great sadness that we report the passing of David. He left this life last week whilst on a cruise.

Our deepest sympathy is with his remaining family.

David’s father, Laurie, started Wellington Rubber Co back in 1936, but it was in 1999 that David, by then contemplating his own retirement, sold the company to J. Allcock & Sons Ltd. It was re-located from Leeds to the JA site in Manchester in 2002, where it was integrated into the operation. David came down to JA one day a week over the first year, to make sure the changeover was effortless. We felt that it was imperative to continue with the original name as many customers were loyal to it, and it continued the lineage.

In mid 2015 WRC was moved to a new, dedicated site just a short distance away.

We are sure that David would be proud to know that his father’s company name and logo survives and is still in daily use.

Join the Team! 2 Roles open at J. Allcock and Sons

After 2 years here at J. Allcock and Sons I have learnt more than I could fit into a single blog post, and gained experience across a wide range or areas of the working world. However, I have decided to move to the science sector and thus the role of Technical Sales Representative will soon be vacant.

If you want to work with a fantastically accommodating team in a wide ranging role that not only involves visiting clients, solving there technical issues, finding new clients, but also helping keeping this website running and developing new projects, please get in touch through the enquiries link.

We are also looking for a new Financial Manager, again, if you would like to join the team please get in touch.

We look forward to hearing from you and I’d personally like to again thank everyone at J. Allcock and Sons for a brilliant 2 years!