Red/Brown & Green FKM Crumb Available

Red/Brown and Green FKM Crumb

Red/Brown and Green FKM Crumb

J. Allcock & Sons’ now have the ability to provide¬†an extra¬†11 tonnes of Red/Brown FKM Crumb and¬†4 tonnes of Green FKM crumb¬†per month.

Cured FKM scrap is sent to our facilities on a monthly basis and we granulate and “crumb” this¬†FKM¬†scrap¬†to¬† 72′s and¬†120′s mesh particle size. These particle sizes are not averages, so when we say 120′s Green FKM Crumb, we mean the biggest particle you will find will be 120′s mesh!

We always ask the customers we visit: What’s the cost of¬†testing FKM Crumb in your compound? Compare that amount, to the amount you will be saving if tests came back positive and you started using it…

If you are interested in trialling some of the above crumb, please contact us at or +44 (0) 1612237181.

Alternatively, if you are unsure about using a different FKM¬†compounded crumb¬†in your own FKM compound, why not speak to us about “crumbing” some of your scrap and¬†J. Allcock & Sons’¬†sending it back to you?