Butyl Reclaim (GRP BRI 75R) Now Stocked

J. Allcock & Son’s will now be STOCKING GRP BRI 75R Butyl Reclaim (Formerly BT.999.)

We have decided to take this important step forward in butyl reclaim supply, as there has been a huge increase in demand over the past year and we expect this to continue throughout 2013.

J. Allcock & Son’s, where possible will always try to be your most flexible supplier. We understand the need to deliver a high quality service. After all, what is the point of using a high quality product, if you do not know that you are going to receive it when you need it?

  • GRP BRI 75R is manufactured by Gujarat Reclaim & Rubber Products Ltd., India.
  • GRP BRI 75R is a reclaimed rubber made from Butyl inner tubes, together with reclaiming aids.
  • GRP BRI 75R is PBN free and PAH conformant.

Product Description

  • Colour: Black
  • Form:   “Blanket”


  • Carbon Black:            32 ± 4%
  • RHC (by difference):  50% min
  • Ash Content:              4 ± 2%
  • Acetone Extract:        9 ± 3%


  • Specific gravity:                                1.14 ± 0.02
  • Mooney Viscosity at 100°C:             30-45 ML 1+4
  • Hardness Shore A:                           51 ± 3
  • Tensile Strength:                              75 kg cm^-3 min
  • Elongation @ Break:                        480 % min
  • State of refining:                               Superfine

Data sheets for GRP BRI 75R can be found online, in our data sheet library or on the butyl reclaim product page.

J. Allcock & Sons Ltd. also stock GRP NRM 35R (formerly GR.444 Tyre Reclaim) and GRP NRC 25R (formerly RT-SLAB Tyre Reclaim)

J. Allcock & Sons Ltd. are the official UK distributors for Gujarat Reclaim & Rubber Products Ltd.

For any further technical questions on GRP BRI 75R, please feel free to phone or email, and ask for Norman or Luke.